City of Boulder Council Candidates

Following are the candidates for City Council. You may vote for up to five (5) candidates. If you vote for five (5) or fewer, your votes in this race will be counted. If you vote for more than five (5), your votes in this race will not be counted.

Eric Budd. I'd be honored to have your vote. You'll get five votes for city council and I'd like to mention four other people for your consideration.

Jan Burton, who's an experienced businesswoman running for re-election and has been very outspoken about working on our housing and transportation challenges. I strongly support Jan's re-election.

Jill Grano, who's a friend, mother, and would be the first openly LGBTQ woman on city council in more than four decades. Jill is bright and talented, and would make a great city council member. I would love to serve with Jill.

Bill Rigler and Mark McIntyre are both experienced, practical Boulder residents who believe strongly in improving housing and transportation in Boulder. Either of these two people would make solid council members.

Boulder Valley School RE-2 Director District B (4 Years)

I'm supporting Christina Marquis. (unopposed)

Boulder Valley School RE-2 Director District E (4 Years)

I'm supporting Dean Vlachos. Dean is a strong advocate of public education who will work hard to represent underserved students. Having met and talked with Dean, I think he'll bring a reasonable and thoughtful voice to a school board that will have tough work in the next year to hire a new superintendent and staff. Dean's also been endorsed by the Boulder Valley Education Association.

Boulder Valley School RE-2 Director District F (4 Years)

I'm supporting Kitty Sargent. I appreciate Kitty's desire to work on neighborhood schools and her top priority to close the achievement gap, as well as de-emphasizing testing in the classroom. Kitty's also been endorsed by the Boulder Valley Education Association.

COUNTY ISSUE 1A (Worthy Cause 0.05% Countywide Sales and Use Tax Extension)

I'm voting yes. Continuation of the county capital tax will be used for "health, mental health, transitional and permanently affordable housing, and other human services, including but not limited to childcare and early childhood education, basic needs such as food and clothing, and services for the elderly and people with disabilities." We have a great need for these services in Boulder County, particularly with our growing economy and limitations in additionally funding these services at the statewide level.

County Question 1B (Sheriff Term Limit Extension to Five Terms)

I'm voting yes. As this is a term limit extension rather than a vote on the sheriff itself, I'll keep my comments on the former. I found Dave Krieger's argument in the Daily Camera the most compelling — "Unlike most political jobs, the sheriff's office requires a career professional. The argument for term limits is weakest in positions requiring this combination of education, training and experience. We strongly urge Boulder County voters to approve the extension of the term limit on the sheriff from four to five terms."

County Question 1C (Authorization to Provide Broadband Services):

I'm voting yes. The City of Boulder passed a similar measure several years ago. Voting yes does not itself mandate that the county pursue offering broadband services but does give the county the option.


I'm voting no. Issue 2L is easily the most difficult item on the ballot for me this year. In September, I wrote Why I've changed my mind on municipalization and the reasons I don't think going forward are in the best interest of the city— the partial rejection of Boulder’s application to the Colorado Public Utilities Commission and Xcel’s proposal to move to 55% renewable energy by 2026. You can also read additional opinions to vote 'no' from Mayor pro-tem Andrew Shoemaker and Councilperson Bob Yates.

I also wanted to link to a reasoned-argument to move forward with municipalization — here's a piece from Mayor Suzanne Jones and Sam Weaver — Why we still support the muni.

Regardless of the outcome, I'm committed toward getting to 100% renewable energy quickly. If Issue 2L passes, I want to make the municipalization effort work as well as possible for the city while we work to find out the full costs and schedule. If Issue 2L fails, I (and others) have stated that we will not pull funding away from other sources to continue to fund the muni effort.




I'm voting yes on 2M and 2N. These ballot measures will renew a capital improvement tax to fund a mix of city (fire station location, emergency radio infrastructure, greenway connections) and community projects (Meals on Wheels of Boulder, Growing Gardens, Community Cycles, etc.). I agree with critics of this measure who say that the city projects are critical and need to be part of the city's on-going budget — I'll work to get that done on the city council. In the interim, these projects and groups all have a lot of merit and are worthy of your vote. 2M approves the tax while 2N allows money to issue debt to get these organizations money more quickly as the city collects tax money.


Ballot Question 2O City of Boulder Charter Requirement for Vote Before Electric Construction Debt

I'm voting yes. "Shall Section 178 of the Charter be amended pursuant to Ordinance 8193 to require a vote at a general or special election prior to the enterprise incurring debt for construction to separate the existing utility system for the City to provide electricity to customers of the City by a separate system?"

Making the change will clean up some ambiguous and problematic language in a previously approved ballot measure about the creation of the electric utility. The change will also ensure that Boulder citizens will get to vote on whether to move forward with municipalization at a later date after much of the cost determination and legal challenges have completed. 


Ballot Question 2P City of Boulder Charter Provision Allowing Executive Sessions for Municipalization

I'm voting yes. While I think that the ballot measure should have included the option to discuss settlement agreements, I do think that continuing strategic executive sessions would be helpful to the council if municipalization continues.


Ballot Question 2Q City of Boulder Charter Clean Up

I'm voting yes. A routine cleanup of charter language. 


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