My connection to Housing and Transport

When I moved to Boulder seven years ago I made the conscious choice to move from the suburbs into the city. I rented a small, aging apartment which my friends at the time laughed at for being old and outdated — but I was overjoyed to be living in a place with brilliant people, talented athletes, passionate entrepreneurs and bold leaders. As I grew into the community, I was lucky enough to buy that small condo and be able to stay. I want to work to give more people the option to feel part of and stay in the community.

I feel fortunate to live in our beautiful, dynamic, highly-desirable city when Boulder’s rising housing costs have priced out many younger people like me. Too many of our lower and middle-income residents, seniors, families and members of our workforce are paying more than 50% of their income on housing. Boulder's affordable housing program is a great benefit for those in the lowest income levels, but the city is not doing enough to maintain housing options for the middle-class. Many people who rent housing in Boulder and want to stay in town have the inevitable feeling that eventually they'll be forced to move elsewhere. I will work for a Boulder that is welcoming to all; where teachers, firefighters and nurses can live, reducing in-commuting and increasing diversity.

There is no easy answer, and not every solution is right for every neighborhood. 

I support:

  • Increasing housing choices for all incomes, including granny flats, duplexes, townhomes
  • Creating complete neighborhoods, adding services near housing and jobs
  • Allowing additional housing units on roads that can be well-served by transit and biking
  • Preserving existing lower-cost housing and mobile home parks
  • Respecting historic preservation and neighborhood character
  • Creative housing options for people to enhance community and look at solutions to occupancy limits that enable lower-cost, sustainable living while protecting neighborhood quality of life

Transportation choices should be inclusive, progressive and appealing. Boulder offers robust transit, biking and pedestrian options which should be expanded and improved. 

I support:

  • Creation of a city-wide EcoPass
  • Vision Zero and the goal of zero serious injuries and fatalities from traffic crashes
  • A city-wide bike plan that ensures low-stress bike routes to ensure families and "interested but concerned" riders can access the city safely
  • Enhancements to infrastructure that will attract residents to alternative modes—protected bike lanes, bus intersection priority, regional Bus Rapid Transit and bike connections
  • Expand support for mobility services such as eGo Carshare and Via which provide support for people who need access to a car and for older residents who no longer drive